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Interlude Patch Notes Empty Interlude Patch Notes

Post by Rockk on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:54 pm

Refinement System
•C Grade to S Grade weapons can be refined
•Required Materials: Weapon, Life Orbs, Gemstones
-Life Orbs can be obtained through mobs
-Boss has a higher chance of dropping higher level of Life Orbs
-&C Grade Weapon uses D Grade gemstone, A&S Grade Weapon requires C Grade Gemstones •Refinement has a 100% success rate
•Refinement Effects:
-Increases power in STR/CON/DEX/MEN/WIT/INT
-Increases attacking effect (increases critical, power, landing rate and etc)
-Increases battling effects ( increases hate, chance of poisonous, sleep, root and other negative effects) -Using skills (instant warp, healing, and other positive buffs)
•When using a weapon which is a higher grade than the player, these refinement effects will have no effects
•Refinement can exist at the same time as SA’s, they won’t affect each other
•Weapons that had been refined, can not be traded or sold
•After refinement has been taken off, the weapon can once again be traded or sold

Skills (for more specific information in skills please read VHS' Translation in Korean Patch Translation (Skills aka read below)
-More higher level active and passive skills
Combo skills
- Combo skills can be used through 2-4 people
- There are 2 Energy? Power, which can be casted (p.atk+m.atk) onto party members
-Combo Magic Skills (powerful and larger area)
- Increase all attacking skills within a certain area (for example, significantly increase bow attacks)
- Create a significant strong defense shield (for example, dispell all debuffs, and creating a short period of invincible affect)
- Special Battle Ground Skills (such as long period damaging enemy's summons, heal a bigger area of clan members etc)
[b]- A new siege summon (Hellrose's Clarification: And the new siege summon.. koreans are calling it Swoop Cannon )B]
- level 68 warsmith can learn this skill
- Only the attacking side of the siege can use this, if you are defending the castle you can't use it
- The Swoop Cannon has a cerrtain skill to aim a certain target inside the castle (area attack)
- Another skill is some kind of bomb, and can be tossed and attack, uses this bomb to atk any parts of the castle walls
- with the above skill, it affects EVERYONE in the area the toss lands (meaning you + your enemy)
- These bombs can be bought through Ivory Tower
- When Swoop Cannon is summoned, A Grade Crystal is required, and B grade gemstone is required continuously through out the whole summon time
-Clan Armors skills: (NC has made this into the new Clan Skills)
- Tieras/Crowns of each castle: has a defense to shocking/stunning attacks, cool time 10 minutes
- Castle Leader Crown: can call out to all of the clan members, cool time 60 minutes
~ when calling, the castle/clan leader can not move, all clan members will receive a message when the clan leader uses this skill
~ within 2 minutes, clan members that have arrived the castle and talk to the NPC will be teleported to the clan leader's side, number of clan members is limited
~All of the clan member's Tiaras and Crowns can be bought inside the castle. Castle Leader's Crown generates automatically, and this can only be used by the clan/castle leader
~ Clan members in the Academy can not use any of these Tiaras/Crowns
- 3rd Class skills can now be enchanted
- Some fearing skills can now affect players
- Some skills powers had been adjusted (some got stronger, some weaker)
- All p.atk power has increased significantly with soulshot is used.

Jerassic Park?
- Located south of Rune, East of the Olympid Area, can be teleported from Rune
- this area is high level hunting area, including new raid boss
- Boss: Siren / Seiren
- Located inside the Siren Cave inside the Jerassic Par, it's located away from the hunting area
- To enter this cave, quests need to be completed
- Raid: Uruka
- Mobs in this area can get very strong sometimes out of berserk, however there is capturing system you can use to lower the difficulties
- Capturing System? It's not to capture and breed the mobs, but it's to significantly weaken the mob, and this also gives other rewards
- To start this capturing system, quests need to be completed
- Capturing System requires the use of items which is sold on the island.

-Antharas + Valarka difficulty has been lowered
-A new way of killing Antharas
- The level of difficulty of Antharas will change according to the amount of people raiding it
- Difference in level of difficulty will vary the difference in rewards
- a new Antharas minion has been added when raiding Antharas

Battling System
(Thanks to Hellrose for clarifying this, Hellrose's explanation: The 'Battling system' is a duelling system and it's consentual. It's separate from the freeform PvP system.. so yes you will still lose XP from regular pvp.)

- Dying from PVP will not have any penalties
- This has to happen within a non-safe area (aka not in the towns or castles etc)
- After PVP, those who anticipated will have restoration in CP100%, MP/HP50% (they didn't say whether it's the clan war or PVP)
- During PVP, instant warp skills can not be used
- During PVP, battle can be cacelled through NPC
2 people PVP System
-Requirement 1 vs 1 (duh... not sure why they wrote it there)
-Before PVP starts, one has to invite, and the opponent can refuse or agree to anticipate
-PVP time is 2 minutes, until one's HP goes down to 1HP, the system will announce the winner (no death penalty, no death)
Group PVP System
- one party can invite the other party to pvp, but the opponent party can refuse such invitation
- PVP duration is 5 minutes, all party members can not be doing something else? (siege/olympid/death/other battles?) <-- this doesn't make too much sense

-Top A Grade Weapons
- Top A grade weapons uses level 12 Soul Crystals
- Hair Accessories (there is a lot of them, not going to list them all :of_happy however they can be obtained by:
- raid bosses / ceremony of darkness / dimensional rift
- Christmas Events
- Giran Luxury Store
Projection Weapons (what I indicated before as Illusionary Weapons)
- These weapons lasts within a time period
- As soon as you equip them, the weapon life time will start to go down, as soon as you unequip, it will stop
- When its life time goes to 0, this weapon will disappear
- This can not be traded, however can be stored
- can not be enchanted, can not be equipped with SA or refined
- D and C grade weapons can be acquired after 2nd class transfer with some kind of tickets
- C and B can be used with all chars above level 40, and these can be bought from NPC
Cursed Weapon #2: Blood Sword
-the way this appears and disappears as well as killing wise is the same as the demon sword
- Also cursed weapons will disappear 24 hours after PK
- Any one of these 2 cursed weapons disppear / levels up/ appears will cause the other one level up
- cursed weapons get their own active attack skills?

- New Quests: not listed but they are the similar to the other quests
- new "let's play poker" and ... (not sure how to translate the other one into English, Chinese names are pretty fancy and sophisticated and they don't need to have a meaning), lasts 2 hours mini game
- Clan Reputation quests, mainly killing mobs on the island (didn't indicate which island)
- Capturing System quests
- A grade weapon materials and recipes exchange, mainly killing mobs on the island (I assume they mean the Jerassic park island?)
- Before going into the Siren's Cave, 3 continuous quests are required to be completed, one of them can be repeated in which you gain entrance to the cave
- Level 11 and 12 Soul Crystals can now be obtained through Siren as well as Uruka
- When a level 11 or higher soul crystal is succefully obtained, all players in the nearby area will receive a message from the system
- After completion of 1st / 2nd class change, players will be able to obtain the ticket to exchange for projection weapons

Command channel changes
- interface looks better, can view how the other parties are doing in detail
- Alliances meet the following 2 requirements will have the first chance to pick up the drops (and you have 5 minutes to do so)
- raiding with 18 people or more, boss-raiding with 36 people or more
- does the very first strike to the RAID/BOSS
-5 minutes after the raid, normal players can pick up the drops
-some pets food consumption had been lowered
- Party interface has been changed
- Map/Area information interface has been changed, and some maps for new players which I don't understand it myself
Saven Sign
-When Dawn's Seal of Strife is activate, during siege Attacker can't use Wild hog, golem, and the siege frog

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Interlude Patch Notes Empty Re: Interlude Patch Notes

Post by Rockk on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:55 pm

first.. /cough lance kind forced me to do it o.o
second... some of name of skills and what they do can be bit different
due to my lack of translation... such as spelling and stuff
and i haven't tranlated skills that u can do w/ party members.. (2 to 4ppl)
only had 4 hrs of sleep and have to drive 3hrs now >_>

*Passive Skill

Inner rhythm - Song/Dance MP consumption decreased

Knighthood - When wearing Heavy Armor def is raised plus shield def increased.

Master of Combat - When using (Dagger,Blunt,Polearm, Dual,and fist weapons) P atk and max CP increases.

Archery - When using Bow type weapon your patk and max range increases,

Assassination - When using Dagger type weapon your p atk is increased and chance to hit targets vital part increases.

Arcane Roar - Resistance against elemental attributes and M atk increased.

Necromancy - Resistance against Unholy attribute and m atk increased.

Summon Roar - When wearing Robe/Light armor def and magic casting speed is raised. Magic skill MP consumption is decreased.

Divine Roar - Mp consumption for magic skills are decreased.

*Active skill

Brave Heart - by raising ones fighting spirit you regenerate CP

Force Meditation : Uses force energy to recover HP/MP while unable to move. During the meditation effect def is lowered and will be disrupted when struck,

Sonic Barrier : Uses force energy to make barrier . Becomes invulnerable to normal attack , skill , buff/debuff


Mirage : Chance to push back a target that attacked you.

Dodge Attack : Can dodge melee attacks momentarily.

Counter Attack : Counters a melee attack and returns the dmg to the attacker.

Summon King of Cat : Summons the King of cat.

Summon Unicorn Magnus : Summons Unicorn Magnus

Summon Spectral Lord : Summons spectral Lord

Cleanse : Removes all the debuffs on a target.

Salvation : Upon death you can resurrect in full health. Buff and Debuff still remains after death. Except Blessing of Nobless and Lucky charm disappears.

Mystic Immunity : For short duration you are immune to buff / debuffs.

Spell Turning : Disrupts the targets casting and cancels the magic.

Chant of Magnus : The spirits of ancient magician temporarily possess one's party members. - uses soul ore

Victory of Paagrio : The spirits of ancient heroes temporarily possess one's ally members. - uses soul ore

Emblem of Paagrio : Temporarily increases ALLY members' resistance to buff cancel and de-buff attack

Fist of Paagrio : Increases MAX CP for Ally members' and restores the cp that has been increased. - uses soul ore

Chant of Gate : Summons a Party member (requires material for summoning )

Summon Attract Cubic : Summons Attract Cubic

Banish Holy : Instills a fear in Angels and makes it run away. Can Instant kill. Uses spirit ores.

Break Duress : Channels force energy to break away from hold state.

Sonic Move : Movement speed increased for short duration by exploding ones force energy.

Shock Stomp : By stomping on the ground your enemy target will lose target and goes into shock status.

Escape Shackle : Escapes from captured state

Aura Flash : Attacks nearby enemy targets (non elemental) and their target canceled. - Uses soul ore

Celestial Shield : Protects the target with holy power. (Target becomes invulnerable for duration)

Invocation : MP regeneration speed will greatly increase when you become immobile state. During the Duration Defense will greatly increase and will cancel when hit.

*Change of Current Skills

Stun Shot - Power has been greatly increased.

Benediction - Requirements has been changed to (Hp 25% -> MP 25%)

Mana Burn / Mana Storm - Slept targets can be awoken up.

Death Whisper/ Dance of fire - When doing critical dmg the crit attack power has been decreased.

Recharge - Classes that knows recharge skills can not be recharged.

Mages magic skill has been changed to where a certain percentage can be blocked by a shield.
(Wind Strike, Aqua Wall, Twister, Blaze, Death Spike, Prominense, Ice dagger , and Hurricane)

Greater Heal and Chant of life/ Heart of Paagrio can stack. And it will be shown on buff slot.

HP potions effects will be changed from buff slots to a desinated HP potion effect slot.

Major Heal - For example as Bishop you will be able to learn 11 lvs of the skill and can still skill enchant it.

Curse Fear , Horror , Fear - This has been changed so that it will also effect the PC.

Soul Shot - Effect of soul shot has been greatly increased.

Magical Vampire - This skill's effect has been increased.

The following skills power has been greatly increased.
(Spinning Slasher, Thunderstorm, Hammer Crusher, Soul Breaker, Tribunal, Judgement, Armor Crush, Shock BLast )

The following skills can be skill enchanted.
(Tribunal, Judgement, Arrest, Shackle, Mass shackle, Banish undead, Critical blow, Might Mortal, Stealth, Sand Boom?, Mass curse fear,
Mass curse gloom, Trance, Erase, Magical Vampire, Mana burn, Mana Storm, Turn undead, Major Heal, Group Heal, Summo Swoop Canon, Shock stomp, Aura Flash, Banish holy.)


Name of weapon, types of weapon, patk/matk, ss/sps SA (all lvl 12 crystal) (red, green, blue)

Tongue of Themis – one handed sword, 202/161 1/1 mana up, magic shield, magic focus

Tiphon Spear-pole, 251/121 1/1 Crt. Stun, Long blow, Wide blow

Naga Storm- dagger, 220/121 1/1 focus, crt. Damage, back blow

Sirr Blade- one handed sword, 251/121 1/1 haste, health, crt. Poison

Barakiel Axe- blunt, 251/121 1/1 health, haste, focus

Sword of ipos- two handed sword, 305/121 1/1 focus, haste, health

Sobekk hurricane- fist, 305/121 1/1 rsk. Haste, haste, crt. Drain

Shyid bow- bow, very slow, 570, 133 2/1 cheap shot, focus, quick recovery

Hand of cabrio- blunt, updown( I think it’s conversion) mana up, magic silence

Crystal of demon- blunt, two handed sword, 245/161 1/1 mana up, acumen, magic shield

Tuning fork of behemoth- blunt, two handed sword, 305/121 1/1 focus, health, anger

If u want to see pictures… go here.. weapons are in orders

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