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Post by Rockk on Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:39 pm

Primitive Island Testing Result Ė Part 1 (Field)
Note: there are quests at the beach as well as the town.

Dinoís everywhere

Getting to Primitive Island is pretty straight forward, either swim or take the ship. The only place to get on to the island is the beach at the NW corner, all other edges are cliffs. Ship tickets are $30k each. When you are on the island, portal only takes you back to the beach (unless you have castle / clan hall portals which would take you back to your castle/clan halls). If you donít have one, then well Ö swim back.

The areas that are highlighted in green are the safe areas, and the area thatís in yellow is the area this adventure leads. Itís a small place, but each step takes a long time to move forward. From the beach to the town, it might take up to a few hours if Dance of Shadow is not used, because dinos are everywhere and they are hungry.

Characteristics of Primitive Island ē Other than the Beach and the Town, no other place is safe
ē Mobs are all aggressive
ē Mobs are all in groups
ē Mobs are all in scouting state
ē Mobs moving range is a few times more than the normal ones, not to mention they keep running, never stay at the same spot
ē Mobs have high / long / far detect range

There are 2 other paths that are leading East to the forest and Cave that might consider as safe spots, but you have to be careful of others who are running into here for their lives.

Dinoís in the field are always moving in groups, and never stop moving. They always run around and they are really fast. If you are at a spot where you canít see any dino at this very second, it does not guarantee that the next second there wonít be one.


Primitive Island Part 2

The Forest

Extremely hard place, with a level 80 party, itís still a bit difficult. Going with 2 parties might be a better idea.

The cave can be reached from the beach as well.

The difference between the forest and the field is that itís much darker, tons of abstractions, canít exactly see your fouls too well.

Other than the fact that it can stop characters from using skills, it can also do a area explosion (not damaging itself)

Dinosaur Egg, see thatÖ donít attack if you donít want to die...

Because you will attract all dinosaurs from nearby + far away range

Weird PlantsÖ this can paralyze, poison characters, it can even kill with the poisonÖ the most important thing, you can not cure it.

Itís very hard to try to estimate the power of this type, because itís not a normal mob, and itís not a raid. However it can be compared to the raid from the 4 Goblets or the raid from dimensional drift, with maybe a bit less in HP, with higher attacking power compare to those though, especially when its HP is less than 50%, if it uses skills, it can kill off a knight with 5 bites. When itís all buffed up, it can bite at a damage of 800 Ė 1000, killing this one depends on the knight and how stable the knight can attract it. Even though there is the quest that can lower the power of the dino, but the testers did not have enough time to do the quest, so it was very difficult.

With all that said above, itís still got some weakness, itís vulnerable to skills like stun, root, bind, and skills like that.

After going around, this is a safe place in the forest, no mobs, and this is a hill area at the south.

This is the NPC you are supposed to talk to in order to do the quest to go visit the BOSS inside the cave.

The above information is basically it in the forest, with the above stated dinoís being the most powerful ones. There are some others that would always appear in the most important spot which you canít avoid it. Keep in mind that they are always running around

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