Clan REPUTATION POINTS / Making lvl 7/8

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Clan REPUTATION POINTS / Making lvl 7/8

Post by Rockk on Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:29 am

After taking and dismissing many academy "players" who finish in 2-3 weaks usually, with ch buffs too, i decided that it s really t0o slow of a process.

Still, i don t wanna take ur time by MAKING you make a mini character either u like it or not, no, i decided to make it easy for all.

ALl you HAVE TO DO is create a character, and PM ME to take you to aoe, and live them afk near me.

i ll grow them to 40 , all u ll have to do is make the quest and the clan gets 300+ points / mini char.

if we 90 make 1 char and i grow them up to 40 in 2 days max, that means we ll make 27 000 crp points in 1 week, and we only need 20 000 for lvl 7, we ll have enough for skills to.



2. PM ROCKK INGAME to TAKE U AOE, all u do is leave char afk near me while u play with ur main or do whatever u want.

3. We get crp, make lvl 8 and get the best clan skills , making us stronger in pvp, and the reputation of beeing in the small club of those who made lvl 8.


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