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Fusion /Stance Spells Empty Fusion /Stance Spells

Post by Rockk on Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:41 pm

Stance Spells (Level 77)

Battle Stance: transfer self force to party member
Spell Stance: transfer self magic power to party member
Stance Spells are pretty straight forward, in the following guide, when it mentions for example a level 2 Stance, it means it requires 2 people to transfer power to 1 person.

MP usage: approx 60

Fighters can learn the Battle Stance, while mages can learn Magic Stance

All Stance Spells can only transfer power to party members
Fighters use Battle Stance, and mages use Magic Stance
All characters must receive the stance spell within 15 seconds, then the countdown for the 1st stance would start
Stance cool down time is approx 25 – 30 seconds

Magic Stance Testing

One that’s got buffed with this stance will increase in m.atk
Without any Stance: M.atk 1605
With 1 stance: M.atk 1684
With 2 Stance M.Atk 1763

the point of the stances is to cast/enable the new "fusion" skills, such as:

Symbol of Defense
Symbol of Noise
Symbol of Resistance
Symbol of the Fist
Symbol of Energy
Symbol of the Sniper
Symbol of the Assassin
Raging Waves
Day of Doom
Anti-Summoning Field
Purification Field
Flames of Invincibility
Mass Recharge

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