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C5 Changes (prior Interlude) Empty C5 Changes (prior Interlude)

Post by Rockk on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:56 pm

Character Changes

The maximum level has been increased from 78 to 80. Subclasses can also reach level 80.

HP Recovery Speed has significantly increased for players level 40 and below while sitting down.

New ranks will now be created based on a character’s social status and clan activities. Ranks will be applied according to a character’s clan status, clan level, and position in the clan. Players can see the target’s rank in the Target window when another player is selected. Heroes and Noblesse characters may attain special ranks regardless of clan status.

Clans and Alliances

The maximum clan level has been increased from level 5 to level 8.

Clan Organization

When the clan level is 5 and above, additional members may be added by creating an Academy, Royal Guard, and Order of Knights. The maximum number of members within an Academy is 20. The maximum number of members in a Royal Guard is 20, and up to a total of 2 Royal Guard units may be created. The maximum number of members in an Order of Knights is 10, and up to 4 Orders of Knights may be created.

Upgrading Clan Levels

The requirements for upgrading the clan level are as follows:

Clan Level 6: 10,000 reputation score and 30 or more clan members
Clan Level 7: 20, 000 reputation score and 80 or more clan members
Clan Level 8: 40,000 reputation score and 120 or more clan members

Royal Guards and Order of Knights

When a clan leader upgrades the clan’s level by consuming the clan’s reputation score, the leader may create sub-units called Royal Guards and Orders of Knights.

Requirements for Creating a Royal Guard

When a clan reaches level 6, a Royal Guard may be created. One of the clan members must be appointed an administrator. Up to 2 Royal Guards may be created. The maximum number of members in a Royal Guard is 20.

Requirements for Creating an Order of Knights

When a clan reaches level 7, an Order of Knights may be created. One of the clan members must be appointed as an administrator. Up to 2 Orders of Knights may be created under one Royal Guard. The maximum number of members in an Order of Knights is 10.


Once created, Royal Guards and Orders of Knights cannot be dissolved unless the clan is dissolved.

When the administrator of each unit withdraws from their clan, the unit remains and the administrator position becomes vacant. In this case, the clan leader must appoint a new administrator through an NPC that is in charge of clan-related activities.

Reputation Points

When a clan reaches level 5 or more, the clan may accumulate clan reputation points which are earned through various clan activities.

The reputation score increases in the following cases:
An academy member completes a 2nd class transfer
Your clan takes over a castle in a siege
Your clan successfully defends a held castle
Your clan acquires a siege-enabled clan hall
A clan member takes first place in the Festival of Darkness
A clan member becomes a Hero
A clan quest is completed
By killing an enemy in a clan war (under the condition of mutual war declaration) or siege; however, when the other side’s reputation score is 0 or below, your clan cannot acquire any reputation points from them
The reputation score decreases in the following cases:
A clan-owned castle or siege-enabled hall is taken over
A clan’s level is upgraded
A clan skill is learned
Item(s) are purchased using a clan's reputation score
A clan member is killed by an enemy in a clan war (under the condition of mutual war declaration) or siege; however, when the opposing side’s reputation score is 0 or below, your clan’s reputation score does not decrease
Clan members may purchase an A-grade Apella Armor Set with their reputation score. The related NPCs are located in the Town of Aden and Rune Township.

Clan Skills

New clan skills that can be applied to all clan members have been added.

Once a clan skill is mastered, it can be permanently used until the clan is dissolved. However, if the clan’s reputation score becomes 0 or below, the skill will no longer work until the reputation score returns to a positive number.

When a clan member reaches a status whereas the clan skill can be applied, that clan skill is displayed in the player’s skill window and the skill’s effects are then usable.

As the clan’s level increases, additional skills become available.

In order to master a clan skill, a clan needs to accumulate special items related to raid bosses and have a sufficient reputation score.

If a clan’s reputation score reaches -1 or below, it will be unable to learn clan skills, even ones that do not require a reputation score.

Clan Academy

Clans level 5 and above may create an Academy.

Conditions for Joining

Any character, level 40 or below, who has not yet joined a clan and has not yet completed the second class transfer may join an Academy. The maximum number of members in an Academy is 20. The clan leader can create an Academy through NPCs who are in charge of clan-related activities.

Benefits and Withdrawal of Academy Members

When an Academy member completes his/her second class transfer, the member will receive a commemorative item. The Grand Master NPC of the member’s own class will award the item automatically upon the completion of the second class transfer.
The member is then automatically withdrawn from the Academy, and will not receive a penalty for re-joining a clan.

Academy Members’ Rights

An Academy member’s clan name is the same as the main clan name, but is displayed in yellow. Academy members may use clan chat, but cannot use alliance chat.

The rights below cannot be bestowed upon Academy members:
Join a clan or be dismissed
Title management, crest management, master management, level management, bulletin board administration
Clan war, right to dismiss, set functions
Auction, manage taxes, attack/defend registration, mercenary management
When in a clan war or a siege with Academy members:
Experience points are decreased when killed by opposing members of a clan that your clan academy declared war against.
Academy members cannot see an enemy mark displayed on the opposing clan members’ character name.
Academy members have no relationship during a clan war or siege war.

Academy members who have a sponsor have their names displayed in white, but the names of those without sponsors are displayed in yellow. Clan members who have master management rights may appoint other clan members as sponsors for Academy members.

Related Quests

Academy members can acquire a D-grade armor set through a quest that may be conducted with ordinary clan members. Only Academy members and graduates of an Academy may wear the armor set acquired through this quest.

Clan Rights and Delegation

Many different kinds of rights have been added and modified for clan leaders to bestow upon clan members.

New rights include:
Clan member dismiss: the leader can expel clan members.
Master Management: the leader can appoint or remove a master.
Manage Ranks: the leader can set the rights level of each clan member.
Manage Levels: the leader can set the clan castle and clan manor management levels.
Modified rights include:
Manage Emblem: the leader can register or delete the clan emblem or clan insignia.
Clan Hall Rights-Use Function: can use the clan hall function.
Clan Hall Rights-Set Functions: can set the clan hall function.
Castle Rights-Manor Administration: can set the manor.
Castle Rights-Manage Taxes: can set the castle tax and deposit/withdraw the tax.
Castle Rights-Manage Mercenaries: can hire a mercenary.
Castle Rights-Set Functions: can set the castle function. (Reinforce castle gates, castle walls, and set a trap device.)
The “Edit Privileges” function has been added for the assignment of simple rights. A clan leader may setup clan rights in advance and according to rank.

To assign rights to clan members by rank, double-click a character name in the Clan window. Click the “Change Rank” button.

Clan Leadership Transfer

A clan leader may transfer their rights to other clan members. The leader must request the clan leader transfer from an NPC who is in charge of clan activities. The new clan leader will assume their new role during the next maintenance time. A clan leader transfer may be cancelled anytime prior to the maintenance time.

Clan Window

Many different functions have been added for easier and more systematic clan-related activities and as such, the related interface has also been improved. Double-click a clan member’s name in the member list to open a menu window displaying the rights given to that member.

Other Changes

The maximum number of clans in an alliance is three.

The penalty given upon dismissal or withdrawal from a clan has been shortened from 5 days to 1 day.

Heroes and Olympiad

You may view the Olympiad score from the previous period of games through the Grand Olympiad Manager.

When an Olympiad game ends in a draw, the Olympiad points for players on both sides are now reduced.

A buff is provided in games between players of the same class and a Noblesse Gate Pass is rewarded to the winner.

Hero skills and clan skills cannot be used in an Olympiad game.

When there are multiple 1st place winners from each class, the character that has won the most games becomes a Hero. When the number of games won is the same, then the character who has the highest winning percentage becomes a Hero. When Olympiad points, number of wins, and winning percentage are all the same, then there will be no Hero in each class. However, the basic requirements to be a Hero, which are that the character participate in 5 games and should have at least one victory, remain the same as in Chronicle 4.

When moved to an Olympiad Stadium with the automatic use of Soulshots/Spiritshots or Beast Soulshots/Spiritshots enabled, the automatic use is cancelled.

source: http://www.l2guru.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42554&highlight=pagan+temple+quest

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Hero Skills

New Hero skills have been added. Hero skills may be acquired through the Grand Olympiad Manager upon becoming a Hero; however, you cannot use a Hero skill when in subclass status.

Other Changes

When Heroes participate in a raid against Antharas, Valakas, and Baium, the boss monster has a chance to shout out the Hero characters’ names.

Skills and Magic

New Skills

The skills below have been added.

Fighter Classes
Tribunal: Paladin, Temple Knight (Level 55)
Judgment: Dark Avenger, Shillien Knight (Level 55)
Arrest: Temple Knight, Shillien Elder, Swordsinger, Bladedancer (Level 55)
Shackle: Paladin, Dark Avenger (Level 55)
Banish Undead: Paladin (Level 55)
Psycho Symphony: Swordsinger (Level 55)
Demonic Blade Dance: Bladedancer (Level 55)
Mass Shackling: Paladin (Level 58)
Angelic Icon: Paladin (Level 58)
Summon Treasure Key: Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker (Level 46)
Sand Bomb: Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker (Level 55)
Critical Blow: Treasure Hunter (Level 55)
Mortal Strike: Plains Walker, Abyss Walker (Level 58)
Stealth: Treasure Hunter (Level 58)
Spirit of Sagittarius: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger (Level 58)
Blessing of Sagittarius: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger (Level 58)
Pain of Sagittarius: Hawkeye, Phantom Ranger (Level 58)
Quiver of Holding: Hawkeye (Level 58)
Rapid Fire: Silver Ranger (Level 60)
Dead Eye: Phantom Ranger (Level 60)
Zealot: Destroyer, Tyrant (Level 58)
Fell Swoop: Warlord (Level 58)
Polearm Accuracy: Warlord, Destroyer, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith (Level 58)
Infernal Form: Destroyer, Tyrant (Level 58)
War Frenzy: Gladiator, Warlord, Destroyer, Tyrant, Bounty Hunter, Warmith (Level 58)
Hawk Spirit Totem: Tyrant (Level 74)
Mystic Classes: Summoners
Betray: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner (Level 56)
Arcane Disruption: Warlock (Level 56)
Mass Fear: Necromancer (Level 58)
Mass Gloom: Necromancer (Level 58)
Surrender To Fire en Masse: Warlock (Level 58)
Surrender To Water en Masse: Elemental Summoner (Level 58)
Surrender To Wind en Masse: Phantom Summoner (Level 58)
Summon Cursed Bones: Necromancer (Level 58)
Mystic Classes: Healers and Buffers
Trance: Bishop, Elder (Level 56)
Magical Backfire: Bishop (Level 56)
Mana Burn: Bishop, Prophet, Elder, Shillien Elder (Level 56)
Turn Undead: Bishop, Elder (Level 56)
Major Heal: Bishop, Elder (Level 56)
Greater Might: Prophet (Level 58)
Erase: Bishop, Prophet, Elder, Shillien Elder (Level 56)
Greater Shield: Prophet (Level 58)
War Chant: Warcryer (Level 58)
Earth Chant: Warcryer (Level 58)
Holy Resistance: Prophet, Shillien Elder (Level 58)
Unholy Resistance: Prophet, Elder (Level 58)
Clarity: Elder (Level 58)
Mana Storm: Bishop (Level 58)
Major Group Heal: Bishop (Level 58)

Changes to Skills

Note: Some of the skills below have been re-named or corrected from previous Chronicles. Please see the “Other Changes” section of these notes for more information.

The resistance level against various abnormal state attacks has been modified.
Poison: Men -> Con
Abnormal state of various magic: Wit -> Men

Abnormal states relating to elemental attacks have been modified as follows:
Buffs and debuffs are not applied simultaneously during the same attack.
Buffs and debuffs may be in effect simultaneously when applied from different attacks.
When in an abnormal state at the same level, a debuff overrides the effects of a buff.
Debuffs are weaker against the same types of elemental attacks and are slightly more resistant to elemental attacks that are opposite in nature. (i.e., Fire <-> Water, Earth<-> Wind)
The effect and duration of skills that reduce Speed have been reduced.

Hate and Aura of Hate can now target casters.

The Cancel Resistance Effect is now available for Ultimate Defense, Ultimate Evasion, Touch of Life, Vengeance, and Lion Heart.

Lightning Strike’s MP consumption and success rates have increased. At the same time, the skill’s duration and recovery time have decreased.

Corpse Plague’s MP consumption rate and effective range have decreased.

The MP consumption rate for Touch of Death and Touch of Life has decreased.

The attacks for the skills below have been added.
Holy Strike, Disrupt Undead, Might of Heaven – Sacred Attacks
Horror, Lure, Switch, Trick, Forget, Peace – Mental Attacks
Energy skills have been changed as follows:
The remaining force is reduced by as much as is necessary for casting the skill.
In the case of Gladiators, the necessary force to use a skill is increased by 1, and the recovery time has been decreased.
Ranged skills now consume energy stones without consuming force.
A skill’s critical effect now apply at a predetermined rate: Skill damage x 2.
Focused Force and Sonic Focus now consume HP and MP separately.

The casting speed of Sonic Rage and Raging Force have been slightly increased.

When using Duelist Spirit in PvP combat, damage has increased and recovery time has decreased.

Recovery time for Totem skills has been adjusted.

The following skills will have a chance to disregard the target’s shield defense rate: Spinning Slasher, Thunder Storm, Punch of Doom, Hammer Crush, Triple Sonic Slash, Burning Fist, Soul Breaker, Hurricane Assault, Crush of Doom, Shock Blast, and Earthquake

The Revival effect has changed to full HP recovery, and the requirement to use the skill has been changed from 10% to 5% of the caster’s remaining HP.

In case of the Rage and Frenzy skills, the effect will be applied differently according to the equipped weapons.
Sword/Blunt Weapons: same as before
Two-handed Sword/Two-handed Blunt Weapons: same effect as before with increased Accuracy and P. Atk.
Other Weapons Excluding Sword/Blunt Weapons/Two-handed Blunt Weapons: decreased skill effect
The Focus Attack skill has been re-categorized from a toggle skill to a buff skill, and the appropriate skill levels have been added.

The recovery time and MP consumption of Dash and Blinding Blow have been decreased and the skills’ duration has been increased.

Lethal Strike’s effect has been increased.
Effect 1: At a low probability, it lowers monsters’ HP by 50% and players’ CP to 1.
Effect 2: At an extremely low probability, it lowers monsters’ HP to 1 and players’ CP and HP to 1.
Lethal Strike’s effect has been added to Deadly Blow and Blinding Blow.

The Lethal Strike and skill critical effects (skill damage x2) have been added to Backstab, and the damage of Soulshots has been increased due to a change in the damage formula.

A cancel target effect has been added to Stun Shot, Trick, and Switch.

A skill critical effect has been added to Double Shot (Skill damage x2).

Snipe’s P. Atk., Accuracy, and firing range have been increased, and the casting speed and recovery time have also been increased.

The skill casting time of Sleep and Sleeping Cloud has been increased.

In the cases of Cancel and Touch of Death, up to 5 skill effects of the target can be removed.

The Mystic class is penalized in decreased Accuracy with increased casting time when using a bow or spear.

When a servitor hits a player, damage is only applied at a certain rate. But when it is a non-specialized servitor, the damage rate goes down even further.

For the skills that absorb HP at a certain rate of damage, their MP consumption has been adjusted.
MP Consumption decrease: Drain Health
MP Consumption increase: Vampiric Claw, Steal Essence, Life Leech, Vampiric Touch, Life Drain
The power of Dark Vortex has been decreased, and its absorption ratio has been increased.

Sorcerers, Spellhowlers, and Spellsingers can now learn Curse Fear.

The range of Mass Slow has been changed to the target base from the caster base.

Berserker Spirit and Holy Weapon can now only be used on party members.

Evasion now will be additionally decreased from existing effects when casting Berserker-related skills, such as Berserker Spirit and Rage of Pa’agrio.

The effects of Greater Heal, Greater Group Heal, and Heart of Pa’agrio have been changed from instant effect to instant+sustaining effect (heal over time). The overall regeneration skill amounts have been increased to 110~120% as compared to before.

The effect range for clan/alliance skills (Mass Resurrection included) have been significantly increased.

A Mana burning effect has been added to Aura Sink and Seal of Gloom.

The success rate of Forget, Curse Fear, Anchor, Peace, Hold Undead, and Lightning Strike has been increased.

The effects of certain skills have been changed.

MP/HP consumption have been adjusted to fit the effect of some skills.

The SP required to learn the skills have been adjusted according to class.

The Mental Shield effect has decreased.

Backstab can inflict damage directly on HP regardless of the target player’s CP.

The monsters below will no longer be affected by skills such as Dance of Shadow, Stealth, and Silent Move, and effects such as Lethal Strike and effects that forcefully change the targets.
Monsters related to a siege, clan hall, and quest, raid monsters (followers included), and boss monsters (followers included).
Monsters in the Festival of Darkness and Four Sepulchers, treasure chests, and Frintezza’s passageway war, and fishing monsters.
The Sonic Blaster skill is now learned at level 43 (previously level 40).

The Double Sonic Slash skill is now learned at level 49 (previously level 46).

The MP cost of Summon Treasure Key skill has been halved and the number of Thief Keys required for the use of skill has been reduced. The number of Treasure Box Keys has also been reduced.

The effect of Transfer Pain skill can now be applied only when the servitor is near the master.

Teleporting and Gatekeepers

Teleport locations and their associated costs have changed.

Teleportation areas between starting villages have been added to assist beginners/new characters. Beginners may now teleport between villages through the Newbie Guide using items gained upon completion of a tutorial quest.

A direct route has been established between the towns of each territory. However, the teleport fee is much than if you were to go through other villages.

The teleport fee from a village to a hunting ground has been increased in proportion to the hunting ground level and distance.

Teleportation areas have been reset according to the roles and functions of the Gatekeepers.

Rune and Schuttgart Territories

New hunting grounds and dungeons have been added to Rune Territory, the Orc areas, and Schuttgart Territory. These will also connect the Dwarf areas to the mainland.

Rune Territory

Three dungeons have been added to the Rune Territory: The Pagan Temple (monsters levels 80 to 87), The Stakato Nest (monsters levels 72 to 80), and The Monastery of Silence (monsters levels 80 to 87).

Schuttgart Territory

Six hunting grounds have been added to Schuttgart Territory: The Frozen Labyrinth (monsters levels 53 to 63), The Den of Evil (monsters levels 40 to 50), The Plunderous Plains (monsters level 30 to 40), The Ice Queen’s Castle (monsters levels 55 to 60), The Crypts of Disgrace (monsters levels 25 to 32), and The Pavel Ruins (levels 46 to 54).


Monsters with unique battle characteristics have been added in accordance with player level increases and other improvements to the game.

The monsters listed below will have the following new abilities when fighting within any of the hunting grounds:
May use a Healing Potion in the middle of a battle.
May use counter-skills to attack when being attacked with certain skills.
May summon a distant attacking player to them.
May pick up dropped items on the ground at certain time intervals.
Monsters that present many different abilities based on various battle situations have also been added.

Raid Boss Monsters

The abilities of a raid boss monster has increased overall and the rewards have also increased. Boss-ranked monsters (i.e., Ant Queen, Core, Orfen, and Zaken) and their monster followers now use petrification or silence when they are attacked by players 9 or more levels higher, or if they are using skills.

Raid monsters have been added to the newly added territories in Chronicle 5.


Frintezza, the son of Baium, presents a unique battle style. He resides in the last tomb beyond a secret wall that is connected to the Imperial Tomb. In order to enter, players complete a quest that begins with the Nameless Soul within the Four Sepulchers.

There is a minimum of four parties that may enter. These five parties must be organized through a command channel and the command channel leader must possess Frintezza's Magic Force Field Removal Scroll.

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Post by Rockk on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:56 pm

Life Crystals

Rewards from the raid monsters have been diversified, and a new process of item assembly has been added.

Many different kinds of Life Crystals may be acquired from hunting raid monsters at level 40 and above. These crystals can be assembled through an Adventure Guildsman or an Adventure Guild Manager to create C Grade, B Grade, and A Grade items.

When a castle owning clan hunts a certain raid monster, an Adventure Guild Manager who can assemble A-grade weapons and armor appears in the town of that territory. Certain Life Crystals, dropped by raid monsters, may be changed to other Life Crystals necessary for assembling A-grade weapons and armor.

You may also gamble by trading a Life Crystal for other items with an Adventure Guild NPC.


Instant Effect Items

In order to maximize the efficiency of solo hunting, instant effect items have been added. Instant effect items are only dropped in areas designed as solo hunting grounds.

The instant effect items are as follows:
Herb of Life: recovers HP.
Herb of Mana: recovers MP.
Herb of Strength: temporarily increases P. Atk.
Herb of Magic: temporarily increases M. Atk.
Herbs of Life and Herbs of Mana do not recover HP and MP at any standard rate; they recover a certain % of total HP and MP of the character that picks them up. Herbs of Strength and Herbs of Magic have overlapping effects with existing skills that have similar effects. Their duration time is 2 minutes.

Instant effect items cannot be stored in inventory and will immediately take effect when they are picked up.

If an instant effect item is dropped by a monster and not picked up within 15 seconds, they will disappear.

When a party member picks up an instant effect item while they are hunting, the effect will be applied instantly to the person who picked it up regardless of the party’s looting rules.

The Demonic Sword Zariche

All monsters in the world have the potential to drop Zariche. However, only one can exist in the whole world. It is impossible to drop, exchange, or destroy the item from your inventory.

The character that acquires Zariche goes into a chaotic state (red) instantly, and his/her HP, CP, and MP are fully recovered (100%). Once obtained, the character’s karma becomes maximized.

When a character acquires Zariche, it is equipped automatically and is impossible to un-equip.

Zariche automatically disappears after a certain period of time (once acquired).
When a character who possesses Zariche dies, it disappears or is dropped immediately.

Zariche will still automatically leave its owner at the appropriate time regardless if they are logged in or not.


The following will be applied to the character who possesses Zariche in PvP, clans wars, and in parties.
A player carrying Zariche cannot attack players that are level 20 or lower. In the same respect, players must be level 21 or higher to attack the character wielding Zariche.
When striking (excluding magic and physical skills) players, including Heroes, their CP is instantly reduced to 0.
When a Hero strikes (excluding magic and physical skills) a character wielding Zariche, the CP of that character is instantly reduced to 0.
PK penalties such as experience point loss, item drops, karma increases, etc. will not be applicable to either side when a player wielding Zariche is involved.
A player wielding Zariche cannot join a party with other players.
If a player acquires Zariche while in a party, that character is automatically withdrawn from that party.
The player wielding Zariche cannot use the party matching system or command channel.
The player wielding Zariche cannot give or accept buffs and may not be healed or heal other players. However, he or she may use buffs and heal themselves.
The player wielding Zariche may summon a pet/servitor, but may not ride a pet.
The player wielding Zariche cannot participate in the Olympiad.
When with a player wielding Zariche kills another player, Zariche’s lifespan shortens but the swords abilities increase.
Zariche causes its wielder to recognize everyone involved in a siege war as enemies.
When a player wielding Zariche dies and the sword’s abilities have been enhanced, the sword will be dropped and its abilities will return to normal.
Armor Set Bonuses

Additional effects will be bestowed when complete armor sets are enchanted to +6 and above. Each individual item in the set will need to be enchanted to +6 or above in order to benefit from the new effects.

Adventurer’s Guide Book

An Adventurer’s Guide Book has been added for quest information, hunting grounds, raid boss monsters, areas, etc. The book can be purchased from a grocer in each village.

New Items


D Grade through A Grade weapons have been added.

Courage Charms

Courage Charms, items that can prevent the reduction of experience points upon death in a siege, have been added. These charms may be stored in inventory and used similarly to a Lucky Charm (by double-clicking on it.) Only Courage Charms that are the same level as one’s expertise skill level or an upper-grade Courage Charm may be used.

This is only applicable when a death occurs on the battlefield.

These Charms can be purchased from Trader Ralford in the Ivory Tower located in Oren Territory. Courage Charms can be exchanged or traded.

Clan Armor Sets

Clan Apella armor sets may be purchased by using clan reputation points. An Apella set can only be worn by the Baron class and above.

Academy members can gain a Clan Oath armor set through a quest.

Hair Accessories

Twelve new hair accessories have been added.


Night Fishing

Night fishing can be done from 12:00 a.m. to 06:00 a.m. (game time.) Luminous Bait is necessary for night fishing and may be purchased through a Fishermen Guild Member.

When fishing at night and using Luminous Bait, high quality (high-grade) fish will be tempted to bite. If Luminous Bait is used during the day, it will not attract any fish.

A high-grade fish can use deceptive skills unlike ordinary fish. When a high-grade fish uses its deceptive skills, reeling and pumping must be used in the opposite way in order to reduce the fish’s HP.

Depending on your fishing mastery level, the types of high-grade fish that can be caught and rewarded fish scales will differ.

Fisherman’s Potions

The Fisherman’s Potion temporarily reduces a player’s fishing mastery level to catch a fish at a desired level. The potion may be purchased from a Fishermen Guild Member.

The Fishing Potion restores a player’s fishing mastery level, which was lowered by the Fisherman’s Potion, back to the previous level. The Fishing Potion may be purchased from a Fishermen Guild Member.


Quests related to clans, Boss Monster Frintezza, clan hall siege wars, and other various topics have been added.

Quests Related to Clan Reputation Score
The Clan's Reputation - Clan level 5 (Town of Aden)
The Clan's Prestige - Clan level 6 (Rune Township)
Academy Member Quests
To Lead and Be Led - Level 19 Academy Members with Sponsors (Town of Gludio)
To Guide or Be Guided - Level 19 Academy Members with Sponsors (Town of Schuttgart)
Clan Hall Capture Quests
A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts - Clan level 4 (Beast Pastures)
Access to Frintezza Quests
Last Imperial Prince – Level 74 (Four Sepulchers)
Journey to a Settlement – Level 74 (Four Sepulchers)
Runaway Quests
Runaway Youth – Level 26 (Plunderous Plains)
Wild Maiden – Level 36 (Timak Outpost)
An Aged Ex-Adventurer – Level 46 (Outlaw Forest)
Other Quests
Walk of Fate – Level 20 (Orc Village)
Ominous News – Level 20 (Town of Schuttgart)
Grave Robber Annihilation – Level 20 (Crypts of Disgrace)
Making the Harvest Grounds Safe – Level 21(Gludin Village)
Ghosts of Batur – Level 23 (Crypts of Disgrace)
I’d Rather Be Collecting Fairy Breath – Level 26 (Gludin Village)
Aiding Floran Village – Level 30 (Town of Dion)
A Looter and a Railroad Man – Level 30 (Plunderous Plains)
Beyond the Hills of Winter – Level 30 (Dwarven Village)
The Ocean of Distant Stars – Level 39 (Plunderous Plains)
A Broken Dream – Level 39 (Sky Wagon Relic)
Signs of Revolt – Level 40 (Caron’s Dungeon)
Status of the Beacon Tower – Level 40 (Town of Schuttgart)
Pavel the Giant – Level 46 (Town of Schuttgart)
Influx of Machines – Level 46 (Pavel Ruins)
Resurrection of an Old Butler – Level 49 (Pavel Ruins)
Pavel’s Research – Level 50 (Archaic Laboratory)
The Other Side of Truth – Level 53 (Ice Merchant Cabin)
An Ice Merchant's Dream – Level 53 (Ice Merchant Cabin)
In Search of the Nest – Level 66 (Swamp of Screams)
The Zero Hour – Level 66 (Swamp of Screams)
The Truth Beyond the Gate – Level 73 (Rune Township)
Through the Gate Once More – Level 73 (Rune Township)
Seekers of the Holy Grail – Level 73 (Rune Township)
Guardians of the Holy Grail – Level 73 (Rune Township)
Changes Related to Previous Quests

The exclamation point shown over the heads of quest NPCs will now only be shown when a player is at the suitable level and condition to take on the quest. Generally, an orange-colored exclamation point will be displayed for a quest that fits the recommended level, but quests without prerequisites will display a blue exclamation point.

The quests below have changes in their content and rewards.

Gather the Flames

NPCs who start the quest have been added. (The previous NPCs still give quests and rewards.) Blacksmith Hilda of the Town of Goddard may now give out this quest.

Players may now select and receive S-grade weapon recipes from the wandering NPC, Rooney the Blacksmith of Wind, in the Forge of the Gods. (The existing NPC, Vulcan, now awards an S-grade weapon recipe irregularly.)

Enhance Your Weapon

Raid monsters that can be absorbed to create level 11 and 12 Soul Crystals have been added: Beast Lord Behemoth, Roaring Skylancer, Meanas Anor, Eilhalder von Hellmann, Crokian Padisha Sobekk, and Antharas Priest Cloe. The added monsters provide a Soul Crystal to only one party member at a certain rate among the party members who struck them last.

A raid monster that can absorb souls with grade 13 Soul Crystals have been added: Scarlet van Halisha.

Coins of Magic

A list of monsters that drop coins has been added. The added monster list may be viewed from Bernard in the Hunters Village.

The quest has been changed to a party-type; therefore all party members who are conducting the quest may gain coins.

Fate's Whisper

New B-Grade weapons have been added to the list of weapons (Guardian Sword, Wizard’s Tear, Star Buster, Kaim Vanul’s Bones). A-Grade weapon rewards have been added (Spiritual Eye, Infernal Master, Destroyer Hammer).

Kail's Magic Coin

A-Grade weapon recipes have been added to the rewards list.
Recipe: Flaming Dragon Skull (60%)
Recipe: Doom Crusher (60%)
Recipe: Infernal Master (60%)
Recipe: Spritual Eye (60%)
Recipe: Destroyer Hammer (60%)
Stolen Dignity

A-Grade weapon materials have been added to the rewards list. The newly-added weapon materials to Chronicle 5 are as follows:
Infernal Master Blade
Spiritual Eye Piece
Flaming Dragon Skull Piece
Doom Crusher Head
Destroyer Hammer Piece
First Class Transfer Quests for Orcs and Dwarves

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C5 Changes (prior Interlude) Empty Re: C5 Changes (prior Interlude)

Post by Rockk on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:57 pm

he Schuttgart Territory has been added as a part of the first class transfer quest for Orcs and Dwarves.

Eggs and Specialty Liquor Deliveries

Reward-giving NPCs have been changed. Egg Delivery: The Town of Goddard’s Brewer Valentine; Specialty Liquor Delivery: The Town of Goddard’s Warehouse Keeper Lietta.


Item Purchase and Exchange

The other player's character name and clan name are now displayed in the exchange and trade window and the private store sell/buy window. When confirming an exchange, the trade window is deactivated to clearly display when the exchange is ready.

The color of the letters and the amount of the “Manufacturing Cost” is displayed differently in the Dwarf Manufacture window to clearly show the trading amount.

When placing an item in the trading window while trading and exchanging an item, the weight gauge now displays the weight of the item in the lower right-hand corner of the window.


The current position of your character is now displayed in color. Compass colors, by area, are as follows:
Gray: General fields, forbidden areas (Seven Signs area, Four Sepulchers)
Blue: Peaceful Zone
Red: Altered Zone (A harmful buff or normal buff is applied in this area.)
Orange: Siege War Zone
Green: PvP Arena
Shortcut Window

The Shortcut window lock function has been added. When the shortcut window is locked, the shortcut cannot be added, moved, or deleted. This setting may be changed by clicking on the lock icon located at the bottom of the shortcut window.

Multiple Party Command Interface

The conditions for opening a command channel have been changed so that clan members who are not clan leaders may open the command channel when the clan skill “Clan Imperium” is activated.

A function that teleports all party members of a command channel at the same time when they enter into the area for a boss war has been added.

In a boss war (Antharas, Valakas, Baium), the party with a pre-designated command channel leader and has satisfied all other conditions will be bestowed the rights to pick up items for a certain period of time. The conditions to gain item priority rights are as follows:
Antharas - When the leader of command channel with 255 members or more teleports.
Valakas - When the leader of command channel with 99 members or more teleports.
Baium- When the leader of command channel with 54 members or more awakes Baium.
Party Matching

The size of the chat window in the party room has expanded. The character list window has been enhanced to include whisper and invite functions when used in conjunction with the party matching window.

Other Changes

A quantity of items may now be moved all at once by holding down the Alt key and dragging them at the same time.

The current “Announcement” is now displayed in the system message window.

A “Find Private Store” icon has been added to the Action Window.

Pet type is now displayed in the Target Window under detailed information.

The problem with enchanted items not being displayed properly in your pet’s inventory has been resolved.

The game pad shortcut window has been improved.

The item tool tip regarding items and how to use their effects has been enhanced.

The “Cloak” slot has been removed from inventory; instead there are now two head accessory slots.

The resurrection window will no longer disappear when a dead character presses the Enter key while the resurrection confirmation window is open.

The looting time for boss monsters’ drops has been increased from 15 seconds to 5 minutes, therefore characters or parties that didn’t contribute at all to the battle cannot acquire any items for 5 minutes.

Castles and Clan Halls


Rune Castle and Schuttgart Castle have been added to the Rune Territory and Schuttgart Territory respectively. Rune Castle is a royal castle like Aden Castle, and it receives a tribute from Goddard Castle and Schuttgart Castle.

Clan Halls

Seven contracted clan halls have been added to the Rune Township and four contracted clan halls have been added to the Town of Schuttgart. The clan halls in the Rune Township are A-Grade clan halls. The clan halls in the Town of Schuttgart are B-Grade clan halls.

Three new styles of contested clan halls (hideouts) have been added.

Beast Farm

The Beast Farm is north of Beast Pastures and similar to the Bandit Stronghold’s clan hall battle system; it is a contested hideout. The clan must be level 4 or higher to participate.

Only the first five clans to arrive may participate in the contest after qualifying (A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts quest) and speaking to a messenger NPC at the entrance of the Beast Farm.

Clan members who want to participate in the contest have to register with the messenger NPC and have a maximum of 18 members participate.

Fortress of the Dead

The Fortress of the Dead is located southeast of the Rune Township and is a contested hideout similar to the siege style of the Devastated Castle clan hall. It is of the highest grade among all contested clan halls. Only a clan level 4 or higher may participate.

Siege registration is open up to two hours before a war and scheduled through the messenger NPC outside of the clan hall.

The siege war follows the same rules as Devastated Castle. The siege war goes on for one hour, and the clan that contributes the most to killing Lidia von Hellmann takes possession of the clan hall.

The clan that owned the clan hall previously will be automatically registered in the next clan hall war.

The possessing clan hall leader can ride on a wyvern.

Rainbow Springs Chateau

Rainbow Springs Chateau is located north of the Hot Springs area. A new style of siege war has been applied to it, which is different from previous contested clan hall war styles.

In order to own the clan hall, winning is decided through a mini-game. Only a clan level 3 or higher is allowed to participate and the maximum number of clans is four. Participants may have 5 or more member in their party.

A clan leader in possession of a “Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree” may register to participate through a messenger NPC up to one hour before the contest begins. The top four clans, owning the highest number of Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees amongst them, will be chosen to compete. Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees may be obtained by fishing in the Hot Springs area of Goddard. However, a player must use Hot Springs Bait for fishing bait.

After clan are selected to compete, the contest is comprised of a one-hour waiting period, a contest time of 58 minutes, and an end time of 2 minutes.

Registered clans must organize one party with five or more members, with their clan leader as the party leader. The party must move to the arena before the siege war starts and enter the arena through the Caretaker. The surrounding area of the arena is a Peaceful Zone.

Participating clans enter into different game fields respectively and through the Caretaker. If a character, who is not a party member enters, the clan will not be allowed to enter into the arena.

Once the contest begins, a Hot Springs Yeti and a Hot Springs Gourd appear in the center of the arena and treasure chests appear randomly around throughout the arena.

Participants can break the spawned treasure chests in the arena and can acquire text passages. Text items cannot be exchanged; therefore to give them to other characters, they should be dropped first and then picked up.

Treasure Chests can only be damaged with your bare hands, however Mimics can be attacked with P. Atk and M. Atk.

The team that first destroys the Hot Springs Gourd wins the game. All the participants are then teleported outside of the arena after a 2-minute delay.

Changes to Castle Sieges

Due to the addition of the Rune and Schuttgart Castles, up to five sieges may now be waged at once.

The siege boss monster, Benom, has been added to Rune Castle’s underground prison. Benom appears in the castle dungeon 24 hours before a siege war.

Siege function administration is now only available during the Seven Signs seal validation period.

Seven Signs

When a player from the winning side of the previous period tries to join the same group through a priest, the previously-deposited Seal Stones are automatically settled as Ancient Adena. By doing this, even though the player from the winning side joins the same group in the next competition period, the previous Seal Stones score will not accumulate.

During the seal validation period, the defeated side and players who have not rejoined may now enter the Dimensional Rift through the Gate Keeper Ziggurat at the entrance of the Seven Signs common dungeons. An amount of Adena must be paid.

When attempting to join a group through a priest during a competition period and if the player’s inventory weight/quantity is at 80% and above, he/she cannot join.

Manor System

With the addition of Rune Castle and Schuttgart Castle, a Manor System will apply to the Rune, Orc, and Dwarf areas.

Pets and Servitors

Previously, when a master was away from the point where a servitor killed a monster, other party members could still acquire the experience points that the servitor’s master was supposed to take. This problem has now been resolved.

An issue with experience point penalties, based on the level differences between party members, not being applied has been corrected.

Some servitors’ abilities have been changed slightly. Their fighting power remains similar to Chronicle 4.

When other players target a servitor other than its master, the servitor’s HP gauge can now be viewed.

When a servitor attacks a player, it receives a certain damage (P. Atk./ M. Atk.) penalty. (This penalty is not applied to monster hunting.)

Some servitors’ consumption rate of Beast Soulshots has been changed.

A servitor cannot be un-summoned in the middle of a war. (In Chronicle 4, it was impossible to summon but it was possible to un-summon the servitor.)

When riding on a Strider, potion and scroll effect buffs will no longer disappear.

Three tamable monsters, located within the Beast Farm clan hall, have been added: Tiny Baby Cougar, Tiny Baby Buffalo, Tiny Baby Kookaburra. Inside of a clan hall, monsters may be tamed with Golden Spice.

Little Harness has been added as Baby Pet armor. The Little Harness can be worn by Baby Pets (Baby Cougar, Baby Kookaburra, and Baby Buffalo) and can be purchased from Pet Managers in each town.

Other Changes

Snow or rain may appear in the Rune or Schuttgart territories.

When entering the game’s “no-fly-zone”, such as the Lair of Valakas, a warning message will be displayed. After a period of time, your character will die if you remain in this area while flying.

In the Game Option menu, GPU Animation and Overall Sound Mute functions have been added.

During a siege/clan hall war, when you attack another player, and the Aggressive (purple) state is applied and the other side’s character dies, karma/PK counts are now increased.

Old mail (over 90 days) in game will now be automatically deleted when the server restarts. However, restored mails in your inbox will continue to be maintained.

Various text corrections have been made. Some specific changes are listed below.

Skill Name Changes

Hate Aura is now named Aura of Hate.
Focus Sonic is now named Sonic Focus.
Force Rage is now named Raging Force.
Focus Force is now named Focused Force.
Totem Spirit Wolf is now named Wolf Spirit Totem.
Totem Spirit Bear is now named Bear Spirit Totem.
Totem Spirit Puma is now named Puma Spirit Totem.
Totem Spirit Ogre is now named Ogre Spirit Totem.
Totem Spirit Rabbit is now named Rabbit Spirit Totem.
Totem Spirit Bison is now named Bison Spirit Totem.
Totem Spirit of Ogre is now named Ogre Spirit Totem.


Plains of Fierce Battle are now called the War-Torn Plains.
Looting Area of Evil Spirits is now known as the Evil Hunting Grounds.
Fellemere Harvest Grounds have changed slightly to Fellemere Harvesting Grounds.
The Ascetics Necropolis is now called the Necropolis of Devotion.
The Martyrs Necropolis is now known as the Necropolis of Martyrdom.
The Monster Derby Track is now the Monster Race Track.
The Partisan Hideaway is now known as the Fortress of Resistance.
Due to popular demand, the owners of the Prestigious Items Hall have renamed the store to “Luxury Shop”.

Other Text Changes

The monster Wild Desperado is now called Gigantiops.
The monster Wild Desperado Cohort is now called Young Gigantiops.
The monster Holy Land Monk is now called Hallowed Monk.
The monster Holy Land Watchman is now called Hallowed Watchman.
The monster Holy Land Seer is now called Hallowed Seer.
The monster Holy Land Overlord is now called Overlord of the Holy Lands.
The monster Holy Land Priest is now called Hallowed Priest.
The item Key of Treasure Chest is now called Treasure Chest Key.
The item Key of Thief is now called Thief Key.
The special ability (and new Chronicle 5 skill) Might Mortal is now called Mortal Strike.
The item Proof of Blood is now named Blood Mark.
The item Proof of Alliance is now named Alliance Manifesto.
The item Proof of Aspiration is now named Seal of Aspiration.
The god Paagrio has declared that henceforth he shall be known as Pa’agrio.

Known Issues

Various text errors.

The word “Progress” is partially hidden on the new updater.

During the quest “A Clan’s Prestige,” the links “Demon’s Agent Falston” and “Queen Shyeed” will crash the client and hinder advancement in the quest.

The "level up" sound is currently missing.

Attempting to delete certain items of the new Oath armor will cause the client to crash.

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